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We use this machine to engrave all our glass products. Whilst we could also use our laser machine to engrave glass, quality is important to us and sandblasting will always produce a significantly better looking product than any laser can achieve. To engrave with a sandblaster we first create a stencil. This is then stuck to the glass and the rest of the surface protected with masking tape. Then the stencil is blasted with sand to permanently etch the design onto the surface of the glass.


The Pantograph is used to engrave names and dates onto annual trophies. Although this could be done with a computerised engraving machine, the hand powered pantograph is a lot quicker and easier to line up and match with previous years’ engravings.

Rotary Engraving Machine

Our Gravograph Rotary Engraving Machine can be used to engrave into materials not suitable for laser engraving, such as brass, aluminium and traffolite. It uses rotating carbide cutters to cut into the material. It can work with materials up to 400mm long by 300mm wide. With brass and aluminium, the article is generally engraved and then infilled with a durable paint suitable for outdoor use. Perfect for memorial plates and wall plaques. Traffolite is a kind of laminated plastic made of 3 layers, the 2 outer layers being a different colour to the middle one. The cutter cuts through one of the outer surfaces to reveal the colour beneath. This is most suited to control panels, durable tags and the like.

Direct-to-Surface Printer

Our Mimaki direct-to-surface UV printer allows us to print full colour onto very nearly any flat surface, making this one of our most versatile machines. Its large 420mm x 300mm bed makes this machine perfect for creating full colour wall and display plaques, but it is also great for printing your brand onto any number of flat objects; such as notebooks, power banks, golf balls or mint tins. Combined with our laser engraving machine, this also enables us to cut and print out shapes in acrylic or mdf which could be useful for bespoke personalised awards and trophies or signage.

Sublimation Printer

A design is printed onto high quality paper using special ink in a converted inkjet printer. This is applied onto the material to be engraved, which is polymer coated. This is then placed into a heat press where the ink bonds with the polymer coating. Our specially coated materials include metals and plastics, as well as items such as mouse-mats and coasters. This process is perfect for creating printed name badges, serial plates and printed metal plaques. We also use it for some of our gifts range, such as enamel mugs.

Laser Engraving Machine

Our CO2 laser engraving machine is a versatile piece of equipment that can both engrave and cut. It has a work area of up to 762mm long x 482.6mm wide x 165mm high and can cut and engrave acrylic, mdf and many other things besides. Most commonly we use it to engrave 2 ply acrylic laminate. This is made up of two different colours of acrylic and is engraved through the top surface to leave a high contrast suitable for most signage uses, as well as things like name badges and key or valve tags.

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