Artwork Requirements

All our glass items are now priced inclusive of engraving. Barring discounts, any prices you see advertised for Glassware or Glass Awards anywhere on our website is exactly the price you will pay.

We do not claim that engraving is free; engraving is an expensive and time consuming process. However, to make things easier for everyone we have included that cost into the price that you see instead of charging for it on top.

This price includes engraving in one position only; if you desire engraving on opposite sides of the glass this will cost an additional £6.00. Please note, however, that we do not recommend this in most cases. Glass being transparent, engraving on opposite sides of an item will generally result in an illegible design.

FREE Artwork Processing

Logos and images are engraved AT NO EXTRA COST. This design element does not change from glass to glass and we do not charge to process it, provided the design is supplied in the format shown here. Otherwise a once off artwork charge of around £35 may apply.

Artwork for a standard design to be engraved onto glass, brass or acrylic laminate should be supplied to us as a high definition black/white image; cdr, svg, pdf, ai, eps or jpeg such as the one shown here wherever possible. Vector files (svg, ai, eps, pdf, cdr) generally get the best result. Bear in mind that without the right software you might not be able to view these files but we can, and they give us the best chance of a crisp, clean engraving of your logo. Please note that the black areas are engraved and the white areas are unengraved. Minimum preferred image size is 200 kB or 300 dpi. No shades of grey and no copying and pasting from web sites! For preference, images should be supplied in an RGB palette (otherwise we have to convert it). We use Coreldraw X7 here to produce the artwork. If what you provide is unsatisfactory we may need to charge a fee for artwork. As a guide try zooming in on your image before you send it to us. If it is fuzzy edged then it will not be sharp enough to engrave. A word file can be sent to us as a visual aid to your design but not as finished artwork please. Any fine lines should be given a hairline outline if possible to enable them to engrave clearly.

When your artwork is ready please use the button that says ‘click here to upload your logo’. This can be found under the options with each product and should appear when you select an engraving option that includes a logo. This will bring up a popup box where you can fill in your details and upload your logo to us. Alternatively you can email it to us at the address shown under the button. Please do not send logos on a word document as we cannot extract them cleanly.

Artwork for Colour Printing

For colour printed awards we have the same general requirements as for engraving, except that of course the logo can be in full colour and can include shading and gradients. Please note that we cannot precisely match pantone colours and the file must be supplied in an RGB pallette. The file you send us should ideally have transparencies; i.e. the area of the image not being printed should be transparent and not white. We can sometimes, but not always, create a suitable image from one supplied without these transparencies. Ideal file formats for colour printing are vector files such as svg, ai or eps.

Artwork for Standard Centres

Artwork for special centres (medals, trophies etc) can be supplied in full colour to enable us to match the design as closely as possible.

Artwork Problems?

Are you having difficulty finding a decent image to send us as requested above? Don’t despair, we may stilll be able to use your image, but there will be a once-off artwork charge to process it into something engraveable. This should be in the region of £35.

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